Mr Mike
For the past few years my left ring finger had been pulling towards my palm due to aggressive Dupuytren's Contracture, to the point where it was permanently bent at more than 45 degrees. I'm a gigging piano player, but my finger problems had forced me to play with just three fingers on my left hand and had caused my playing to deteriorate. I was very nervous about having an operation on the finger because of risks, recovery time, long-term outcome, pain etc but it got to the stage where I had no other options.
I had a full fasciectomy with skin graft, and the results are fantastic! I was back playing the piano within 4 weeks, and now (just over 2 months later) I have almost full function back in my left hand. My finger is nearly straight, still improving as scarring and swelling decrease, and I can play octaves without my ring finger hitting wrong notes all the time.
The whole experience was great - I had no side effects from the general anaesthetic and woke up feeling ok. I've had no pain since the op, taking just a couple of paracetamol the following day. The specialist physio was wonderful and very knowledgeable too.
Thank you so much Professor Warwick, the quality of your work (and that of your whole team) has made a huge difference to me.

Mrs EB
"I first met Professor Warwick shortly after he joined Southampton University Hospital, when he operated on the Dupuytren's Disease in my left little finger (pinkie if you are Scottish!).
This was quite complicated, requiring a skin graft, an overnight stay in hospital and my hand in a sling for a couple of weeks.
Some years later I had a similar problem on my other hand: on 8th January 2014 I had a Collagenase injection and on 13th January my little finger was manipulated. This was not very painful: I had no need for pain killers and was back on the tennis court four days later, with the racket in my right hand. I have been given hand exercises and wear a plastic finger shield overnight. Six weeks after the injection my finger is painless and almost straight.
What an improvement since my my previous treatment, which had put me out of action for two to three weeks."

Mrs Jenny Watson
A few years ago I sought treatment for Dupuytren's Disease & the only choice was surgery both invasive & inconvenient and as such decided to delay this treatment. Recently I was made aware of a procedure using an Xiapex injection being available & my GP referred me to Mr David Warwick. I had the first injection on 13th June with a follow up a couple of days later for manipulation & a referral to a Physio for simple exercises, which I carried out implicitly. A further consultation with Mr Warwick on 21st Aug proved very positive, confirmed by these before & after photos which show how successful the procedure has been. I am delighted with the result. - Jenny Watson 27 August 2012.

Before and afer shots of Jenny Watson's hand Before & After

Mr Peter W Brown
When my GP advised me that I had Dupuytren’s contracture and that the disease was hereditary, my mind went back to images of my grandmother who gave up playing music after her fingers became rigid and distorted.  I listened intently treatment options were described to me, but the archaic description of invasive surgery and long recovery periods sent me into denial. I opted to try to hide and live with my disfigurations and try extensive self-manipulation.  Several years later however and when my disease had obviously worsened considerably, my GP put me into contact with Dr Warwick, a specialist at the forefront of Hand treatments.

In September of 2011, I was lucky enough to be selected a trial of Collegenase treatment. As an out-patient, collegenase was injected into the thick fibrous cords of my finger in a simple procedure lasting about 15 minutes and I was then sent home. 24 hours later, when the cord had been significantly weakened by the Collegenase, a return visit enabled the cord to be painlessly ‘snapped’ and the finger straightened by Dr Warwick in a simple process that again, only took a few minutes.  Overnight and to aid the recovery process, I now wear a splinted glove.

This will further straighten my finger and help obtain a normal posture. Surprisingly, most friends and work colleagues people are not even aware that I had undergone treatment!  I only needed a few hours off work and to refrain from manual work for a few days, then to exercise my fingers regularly to maintain dexterity. I now appear normal!

When this type of treatment is compared with the costly, time-intensive and invasive options currently available on the NHS there is no absolutely no contest. Collegenase injections work and work extremely well. The procedure is both simple and effective and for the patient, there is little discomfort and the inconvenience is minimal.

I have nothing but praise for the treatment that I have received from Dr Warwick and his team during my Collegenase treatment. They explained the procedure and implications honestly and openly, and their efforts appeared driven by a genuine desire to reduce the numerous burdens placed on the NHS and patients by Dupuytrens contracture. I know that for me personally, an operation would have necessary and resulted in almost 2 hours of surgery, overnight in a ward and perhaps 6 weeks of off-work recovery, and I would have needed 2 such operations! With the treatment offered by Dr Warwick, I had a minor intervention, no overnight hospitalisation and I have been largely able to continue with my work and hobbies, experiencing only slight tenderness for a few days.

Given that our hands are the tools by which we perform most acts of modern day living Dupuytrens contracture can be debilitating and adversely impact on the quality of our lives, both at work and at play. If you are suffering from the disease and are seeking a proven treatment, easily administered and with prompt recovery, then I would have no hesitation in recommending a consultation with Dr Warwick. I sincerely hope that NHS soon recognises the outstanding benefits of Collegenase procedures. - Peter W Brown 1st December 2011

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